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Railway Vehicles

Automated self-driven nuts greaser and driver PMG-1M


power unit output, kW (hps) 200
engine type diesel, YaMZ
gear-box type diesel-electric, electric-motors drive
maximum speed, km/h 100
max. towing capacity at shunting mode, t 75
proper weight, t 34,5
Operational specifications of the automated nut wrench
torque at nuts unscrewing, Nm 400
torque at screwing nuts of terminal bolts, Nm 150
torque at screwing nuts of anchor bolts, Nm 120
average output, km of track per hour 0,7
Overall dimensions of the vehicle
length between couplers axis, mm 13200
width, mm 3160
height, mm 4050

PMG-1M was developed to carry out the following operations:

  • unscrewing, greasing and screwing back the nuts of terminal and anchor bolts while daily maintenance of track;
  • losening and tightening of terminal bolts nuts while track destressing or track laying or renowation works.

PMG-1M is capable of replacing manual labour of over 160 track maintenance workers.

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