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Railway Vehicles

MTp railcar with lifting platform


wheel gauge, mm 1520 or 1435
power unit output, kW (hps) 200 (270)
engine type Diesel, YaMZ-6563.10-12
gear-box type semi-automated gear box
own deck cargo capacity, t 5
maximum speed, km/h 80
crawling speed max., km/h 5
max. towing capacity at shunting mode, t 80-100
passenger capacity, pers. 14
proper weight, t 22
Lifting platform
make TMCP
load lifting capacity, t 0.5
lifting platform floor lifting height, meters from rail top 5,575±0,25
outreach, meters from track centre 4
Overall dimensions of the vehicle
length between couplers axis, mm 10100
width, mm 2700
height, mm 3700
wheel base, mm 5000
Optional equipment
air-conditioner СС8

MTp light type railcar with lifting platform was developed to perform:

  • operations of mounting of underground line elements,
  • shunting operations,
  • delivery of tools and equipment to work site,
  • delivery of workers to work site.

MTp light type railcar is a fully self-propelled vehicles with a driver's cabin mounted on its front, engine installed under the middle section of its frame and a lifting platform mounted on the rear part of the railcar's frame. Front and rear flood-lights and signal ligths are composed of LED.

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